Vizualizing Higher Ed

with Frank Maurer & Jeff Lafrenz, Episode 10

Frank Maurer and Jeff Lafrenz co-founded Vizworx, a company with academic roots and a commercial orientation. Frank is a computer science professor at the University Calgary and Vizworx’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO); Jeff is the company’s business lead and President. Vizworx bridges the worlds of academia, companies and innovation through a model that combines cutting edge technologies like augmented reality, AI, IoT and blockchain with student and new graduate developers and custom solutions for the private sector.

Listening time: 23 mins

More from Frank and Jeff in this episode:

  • the role of universities in innovation
  • stepping out from academia: how the Vizworx model works and how it came about
  • taking research into the commercial realm beyond universities’ research and education mandate
  • why work on the cutting edge of technologies is both challenging and exciting
  • what happens when tech is so new its best uses aren’t yet well understood
  • how projects involving academic and business partners can benefit both sides and what participants need to know
  • why big societal challenges need collaboration and cross-pollination across disciplines and organizations and how universities can contribute

Find out more about Vizworx here.