Business, Art, Truth & Reconcilation

with Breannen Allison Episode 40

Artist & entrepreneur Breannen Allison founded Thimbleberry Designs; she creates one-of-a-kind beaded fashionwear. She talks about how coming to know her Cree & Métis heritage led her to found Thimbleberry & how art, family, culture, sustainability & truth & reconciliation combine in her business.

More from Breannen in this episode:

  • The discovery her family made when her grandmother passed away & learning about their history
  • How Breannen learned beading, its traditional role & modern role in her business
  • The power of blending art, culture & business to reshape historical legacies & honour family & traditions
  • What inspires Breannen artistically & how she creates wearable pieces
  • How Thimbleberry addresses upcycling & environmental sustainability
  • How artist networks & deliberate consumers can support Indigenous artists & economic & cultural resurgence
  • Truth & reconciliation; why truth before reconciliation

Thimbleberry Designs is on Facebook & Instagram & on the Thimbleberry website from this fall.


Photo used with permission, ©Breannen Allison 2021.

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