Diversity & Inclusion with ELAT

with Jessica Ketwaroo-Green Episode 40

Jessica Ketwaroo-Green is a social policy expert, consultant & award-winning intersectional gender equity advocate. She chats on the ELAT framework she created to help organizations & companies move from diversity to inclusion.

More from Jessica in this episode:

  • How Millennials and Gen Z are changing expectations around companies & social values
  • Why diversity alone can’t help retain many employees like young racialized women
  • Why challenges around hiring & employee retention still exist in highly diverse workplaces
  • What organizations & companies can do to promote inclusion as well as diversity
  • What the ELAT framework is about & how putting into practice the skills of engagement, listening, action and thanks can help
  • Advice for companies & organizations interested in diversity & inclusion
  • Advice for young racialized women in the workforce

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