Diversity, EDI & Innovation, Does it Mean What You Think?

with Marcie Hawranik & Alicia Bjarnason Episode 34

Co-hosts of (Ex)clusion podcast, Marcie Hawranik & Alicia Bjarnason lead Canadian Equality Consulting & Bjarg Consulting, respectively. We chat equity, diversity & inclusion (EDI) in organizations – what it means, how it supports innovation, better workplaces & policies & the unequal impact of the pandemic.

More from Marcie & Alicia in this episode:

  • Defining diversity – why it means different things to different people
  • Why diversity on its own isn’t enough & why inclusion is critical to realizing its benefits
  • How EDI benefits innovation & creativity in organizations
  • How Marcie & Alicia work on EDI with organizations
  • GBA+ (gender based analysis+) in integrating gender & other forms of diversity into program & policy design; what it is & why it’s important
  • The business case or the moral case; which of the two or both are needed to truly move the dial on EDI?
  • The pandemic & unequal impacts
  • Where we are on EDI in our region
  • What (Ex)clusion podcast is about & what you can find out from it

Some resources mentioned in this podcast:

How Diversity Can Drive Innovation – Hewlett, Marshall & Sherbin

McKinsey report The Power of Parity

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Thanks to Zapsplat.com for music in this episode.