Pivoting in the Pandemic

with Chrissy Gow Episode 32

Chrissy Gow is the Director of Content Marketing at Eventmobi, an event software management company. She explains what they’re doing to pivot in the pandemic & how they’re  helping customers deliver more engaging, interactive & engaging meetings, conferences & trade shows.

  • how Eventmobi innovated its business model & pivoted to stay viable
  • the impact of the pandemic on the event planning industry
  • online & hybrid trends that we can expect for conferences & meetings over the coming months
  • how to reduce “Zoom fatigue”, use gamification & interaction to make meetings & conferences more interesting, & interactive for participants
  • the challenges & benefits of online events for event planners
  • how pausing to listen closely to customers allowed Eventmobi to respond & pivot in how it served event planners
  • the new product & ways that Eventmobi is working with event planners to develop engaging online events
  • how the company’s internal processes & operations shifted to accommodate remote work, roll out & test new features
  • the new capabilities & collaborations Eventmobi developed & what’s stayed the same

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Thanks to Zapsplat.com for music in this episode.