New Kinds of Work

with Diane Mulcahy Episode 30

Diane Mulcahy wrote the best-seller, “The GigĀ  Economy”. She’s also a business writer, speaker, venture capital & private equity advisor & consultant who teaches on the gig economy at Babson College in Boston. She chats on what the gig economy is about & developing a career as an independent worker at a time when traditional careers aren’t traditional anymore.


More from Diane in this episode:


  • who works in the gig economy & why it crosses all income levels & industry sectors
  • portfolio careers & the steps to create one
  • how career thinking needs to change & the mindset shifts needed
  • how side gigs can help identify next steps, make connections & learn critical information about new fields
  • creative ways to network & why it’s about much more than new opportunities
  • planning & managing finances in the gig economy




You can find more about Diane’s work and her book on her website.








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