Reinventing from Oil & Gas

with Carl Landra, Nathalie Drotar & Clark Bull-Misner Episode 27 Part 1

Carl, Nathalie & Clark all worked in Alberta’s oil & gas industry. Now they do completely different kinds of jobs in other sectors. The three guests in this two-part episode (part 2 coming shortly) talk big career changes, reinventing work & lessons for career shifts.

This episode is about reinventing careers from an industry in transition.

More from Carl, Nathalie & Clark in part 1:

  • What it’s like to go from engineering, administrative & electrical jobs to new kinds of work
  • How they determined what they wanted to do next
  • Preparing & thinking through career reinventions
  • Becoming a new elementary school teacher, Rocky Mountain hiking guide and outdoor business owner & starting a solar energy company

Each episode ~30mins.

Connect to Carl Landra’s 4th Line Hockey podcast, Nathalie Drotar (Roulin) at Nat’s Adventure Travels & Clark Bull-Misner for solar, LED & electrical projects.

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