Business, Social Innovation & Connecting Globally

with Ling Ling Phung Episode 26

Ling Ling Phung is a social innovation strategist & innovation expert. The founder of Two Lings tells us about how an international childhood influenced a global career working to combine business purpose & social needs in low income regions & what that looks like. Ling Ling chats on finding meaningful work that requires heart & rigour.

More from Ling Ling in this episode:

  • How her early experience as a refugee led her to want to work internationally
  • How she developed a career in social innovation & business innovation in emerging markets
  • The role of business initiatives in supporting development in emerging markets & human development
  • How individuals & large & small companies can engage in this field
  • The challenges & rewards of meaningful work that requires dedication & patience & offers great benefits
  • Verifying market needs, understanding consumers & designing products & services for consumers in different regions
  • Career advice for students & established professionals interested in the field

You can connect with Ling Ling, her articles & newsletter through TwoLings.

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