Optimism, Opportunity & Emerging Markets

with Deepa Prahalad Episode 20

Deepa Prahalad is a consumer products, design & strategy expert & a powerful business optimist and innovation thinker. Deepa has worked extensively in emerging markets and shares her ideas & experience on the connections between business, innovation, economic inclusion & prosperity.

Deepa is a co-author of the book, Predictable Magic: Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business.

More from Deepa in this episode:

  • how engagement between emerging markets and developed ones can mean more collaborators, co-creators & opportunities
  • opportunities at the bottom of the global economic pyramid, what consumers in this sector look for, what entrepreneurial innovators can offer & the larger benefits of consumer choice
  • how economic inclusion can be integrated into business ventures from the ground up
  • how attention to design through customer knowledge and a unique stamp can set products apart & speak deeply to consumers
  • the most immediate design aspects to focus on & the importance of co-designing with consumers
  • practical examples from roofs in India, vacuum cleaner design, argan oil in Morocco & Oyo Rooms room rental & adapting to the market