A Non-Specialist in a Specialist World

with Nickita Episode 18

Nickita created Passions Pilot to manage multiple interests. She’s also an IT project manager and a former stained glass artist. Nickita is a “multi-potentialite” with skills, interests and talents that span multiple fields. She talks about changing passions, careers & fields & how to be a non-specialist in a world that favours specialization.


More in this episode:

  • More grand terms for multi-potentialites – Renaissance men-women-people, polymath, scanner, multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate
  • What multi-potentialites often have in common – a love & talent for creativity & learning – & the challenges of being a non-specialist
  • Why the world of work may be changing in a way that benefits multi-potentialites
  • How Nickita transitioned from fine art to IT & what those fields have in common
  • About Passions Pilot – a project Nickita created to help multi-potentialites organize & manage their multiple life & work passions
  • Why Nickita believes you create your purpose in life & how Passions Pilot can help
  • Why multi-potentialites are expert cross-pollinators & undercover innovation ninjas