A Secret Sauce for Cities

with Elisha Muskat Episode 15

What’s civic innovation and how can it help cities?  Elisha Muskat is a social innovation leader and a keen proponent of civic innovation to address city challenges. She tells us how civic innovation can help cities include more citizens & why now is a hot time for civic & social innovation. Elisha shares her experience with projects that work & opportunities to solve problems in exciting new ways from garbage trucks with solar panels to mobility ramps & food distribution.

More from Elisha in this episode:

  • Why social innovation is about redefining problems to unlock new value
  • How it’s similar & distinct from innovation in business
  • What’s fascinating about civic innovation & how it can help cities include & be accessible to more people
  • How good design and collaborations with key stakeholders make for better projects
  • Why social innovation is a powerful tool for non-profits and other kinds of organizations
  • The ingredients of a great civic innovation project, how to get involved & how procurement programs can help