Inventing a Creative Business

with Lisa Robbin Young Episode 7

Lisa Robbin Young turns viable creative ventures into sustainable businesses. She talks about the 3 types of creative entrepreneurs and her incubator that helps commercialize their expertise. Lisa is an experienced entrepreneur, author, musician, business coach and the founder of Ark Entertainment Media. She talks about the importance of experiments, how different creative types approach their work and why it’s important to understand that while goals are important, careers don’t follow a straight line. Lisa explains why cross-pollination helps you develop a competitive advantage and the specific combination that differentiates you from the crowd.

More from Lisa in this episode:

  • How to build a business starting from a niche group who want your service or product
  • Why it’s possible now to build a business around nearly any kind of viable endeavour
  • Developing a creative career that’s an alternative to the traditional corporate ladder
  • Lisa’s creative entrepreneur incubator and how it works
  • Cross-pollinating to identify the talent combination that differentiates you
  • The 3 types of creative entrepreneur: linear, fusion and chaotic and how each one approaches work and problems differently
  • Creative entrepreneur doesn’t always mean artist; accountants can be creative entrepreneurs too
  • What success means and how it differs from person to person
  • The difference between skills and talents and why it matters
  • Why building a creative career means shifting mindsets as well as building new skills
  • Knowing you won’t always be able to see your career path except in hindsight and your direction may change along the way

Find out more about Lisa’s work and her book, “Creative Freedom”, on her website