How to be a Chic Geek

with Kylie Woods Episode 6

Chic Geek combines best practices from startups, tech, business and non-profits. Founder/Executive Director, Kylie Woods tells the story of innovating and bootstrapping with a tiny budget and a volunteer army. She talks about Chic Geek’s mission to engage more women in tech and how her communications background helped grow Chic Geek from a tiny startup into a recognized changemaker. Kylie shares insights on finding a place in industries where your skills and talents aren’t an obvious fit and the honesty, awareness and learning it takes to become a good leader.

More from Kylie in this episode:

  • How to make an impact and create change
  • Bootstrapping from a $100 startup
  • What gender diversity offers companies through different perspectives and new ideas
  • Why continuous learning is a career critical skill
  • Why tech is exciting and Kylie loves it despite not coming from a computer science background
  • How Chic Geek blends approaches from the non-profit, startup, tech and business worlds
  • The strength of an experimental approach and data driven methods
  • How good leaders build skills over time and get smarter learning from mistakes
  • Why you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to create something new
  • How good leaders lead by serving people and communities
  • About Chic Geek’s coding workshops, training, mentorship programs and events

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