Tackling Problems with Good Design

with Kelly Shaw Episode 13

What is design and why does it matter? Kelly Shaw is Design Director at the Social Impact Lab at J5, a design and innovation consultancy. He talks about solving problems creatively using design and design thinking.

The company works with companies and non-profit organizations to develop innovative solutions. Innovation can be the difference between companies that grow and persist and those that lag or disappear; for non-profits, it can be the difference between effectiveness and lack of it. Design methodology encourages collaborators to step out of their offices, away from their comfort zones, talk to people they may not normally encounter and use that experience to create something new.

More from Kelly in this episode:

  • Why Spotify is a good example of great design and how it solves a problem for music listeners
  • How design helps companies and organizations innovate and why that matters
  • Why innovation is critical for organizations
  • How design applies in the non-profit sector and how a social agency is innovating to tackle challenges in youth mental health
  • J5’s method in working with companies, public sector organizations and non-profits through a design approach