At Hyperspeed Take Nothing for Granted

with Gal Corfas Episode 4

What happens when disruption & change are your industry norm? Tech marketing expert Gal Corfas works with business-to-business startups. He explains how rapid change in the tech world has influenced digital marketing, what it means for different generations in the workplace and for the way that we think. Gal talks about job and education trends based on the experience of his industry and how cross-pollinating and continuous learning in different fields can help. He also talks about what it takes to work globally and the connection between culture and innovation.

From the show:

  • “You don’t have to decide anymore what you want to be when you grow up…You can be many things” – Gal Corfas
  • How things work differently at high speed and why “make no assumptions” is the highest commandment
  • How kids today think differently than previous generations and why that’s good
  • How different generations adapt in the digital workplace
  • Why the tech world is a spearhead for job and education trends in other fields
  • Why a high speed world means conventional education could be obsolete and the benefits of cross-pollinating and learning continuously in different fields to stay current
  • How directness and open doors benefit innovation and welcoming new ideas

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