Finding the Red Thread

with Elise de Bres Episode 3

Book coach/publisher and Seats-2-Meet co-owner, Elise de Bres is an expert at connecting people and ideas. Elise explains the red thread that connects her different businesses and talents and her unintended path to entrepreneurship. She left traditional employment to take over a publisher for self-published authors and then branched out as an entrepreneur with a co-working location and travel books. Elise explains why she seeks solutions in other fields, how she encourages opportunity through chance meetings and how being more open has benefited her business.

More from Elise in this episode:

  • Finding the red thread that connects different and seemingly diverse work interests
  • Connecting and cross-pollinating different interests and work activities for a viable career
  • How Elise leverages an artistic background in publishing
  • How an ability to connect ideas helps her help clients
  • Finding what keeps her motivated
  • Making decisions as an intuitively creative entrepreneur
  • Why it matters to keep learning and evolving your skills, knowledge and interests
  • Why solutions from other fields offer an opportunity to create something new
  • How skills and talents differ
  • Knowing and working with your talents to take on new challenges
  • Encouraging opportunities through serendipity and curiosity
  • How owning who you are helps define your business with a unique stamp

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