Telling Stories that Inspire Life & Work

with Christa Avampato Episode 11

Christa Avampato is a product development expert, business writer and author of the award-winning novel, “Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters”. Christa combines science, tech and imagination as powerful creative fuel to inspire and shape the story of her career and life.

Christa tells Cross-polliNation about:

  • why stories have tremendous power regardless of your field
  • the career story non-specialists need to tell employers
  • biomimicry and why it matters in designing high speed trains through software
  • her novel and why young adult fiction is a perfect vehicle to explore adventure, darkness and discovery
  • a tattoo ban and a live storytelling show that reveals New York’s hidden secrets
  • tapping the power of imagination and creativity to carve a positive life and career even from devastating events

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