Innovate Like a Pirate

with Dr. Tendayi Viki Episode 36

Business author, associate partner at Stratygzer and intrapreneurship expert & consultant, Dr. Tendayi Viki chats on his newest book, Pirates in the Navy, on how companies can innovate better.

More from Tendayi in this episode:

  • What he’s learned about intrapreneurship over decades that innovators and company leaders need to know
  • Why it’s important for companies to innovate & where they can start
  • Why innnovation is learnable & how organizations can structure, manage & measure it so it’s not a random process
  • The most important skills for intrapreneurs & key differences between intrapreneurs & innovative entrepreneurs
  • Why innovation needs to create value & what value looks like in different circumstances
  • How governments, NGOs & non-profits can develop innovation initiatives
  • What the pandemic has changed & what companies can do about it

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