Entrepreneur Connie Stacey talks about the value of unique perspectives & outside ideas, growing her business, Growing Greener Innovations (Grengine), manufacturing scalable electric power systems & a mission to bring power to the world.

More from Connie in this episode:

  • Growing Greener Innovations’ global mission to address energy poverty
  • How Connie’s IT career led to a business manufacturing battery systems
  • How the Grengine batteries work & what makes them different
  • How outside perspectives can give you an edge through new insights & new ways to create value
  • Crowdfunding strategies & limits for startups
  • Differences in fundraising as rare women entrepreneurs in deep tech
  • Why Growing Greener Innovations is taking an international approach in selling products in +12 countries
  • Why & how the company’s business culture is unique & prizes inclusivity & curiosity
  • Why first customers are so important & how to find them
  • The company’s approach during the pandemic

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Thanks to ZapSplat.com for music in this episode and Riccardo Annandale for imagery above.