Ace the Basics Then Shake Things Up

with Helen Wetherley Knight Episode 24

Helen Wetherley Knight is an IT strategist, entrepreneur & previous Director of IT at the Calgary Drop-In Centre. She talks tech in the service of social mission & creating new collaborations between the nonprofit, corporate and academic worlds to solve big challenges.

More from Helen in this episode:

  • How tech captured her imagination as a child & as a tool to do things better as an adult
  • How she and her team worked to solve big challenges under constraints
  • Why innovators need to “ace the basics” and earn trust to do new things
  • The surprising results from a new electronic admission kiosk at the drop-in centre
  • Making mistakes and learning the operating systems of different worlds
  • What’s similar and different between innovation in the corporate and nonprofit worlds
  • How students, corporate volunteers & moms returning to tech are valuable resources
  • Seeing opportunities in challenges

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