The Man Who Grew a Million Trees

with Jerrin Victor Episode 23

Jerrin Victor is a plant scientist. He tells us why plants are amazing and how plant propagation can impact challenges from deforestation to climate change & feeding the world. Jerrin talks about scientific creativity, creating new tech to grow millions of plants and how modern tissue culture can help save disappearing traditional medicine plants.

More from Jerrin in this episode:

  • From destination medical school to a lucky detour into plant science
  • How plant tissue culture techniques can help conserve endangered plant species
  • How growing certain plant varieties faster can help reduce environmental impacts like deforestation and pesticide overuse
  • Totipotency – the biggest difference between plant and animal cells
  • Why being of service, mentoring & creating jobs are the most important parts of his work
  • How Jerrin found his place living in three countries & how each contributes to his journey in plant science
  • Why he believes plant agriculture is the next big thing

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