How can science fiction help create more positive futures? Ari Popper, CEO & founder of SciFutures, talks about how his company helps large organizations innovate products, services & businesses through science fiction prototyping. Ari chats on how the company came to be & the importance of taking smart career risks to do something new.

More from Ari in this episode:

  • Why science fiction is a great tool for innovation
  • How sci-fi helps overcome traditional barriers to innovation
  • The companies that draw on SciFutures’ work & their projects
  • Coming up with the idea for SciFutures & turning a creative interest into a company
  • Why science & tech are important for sci-fi innovation but culture may be even more important
  • What keeps him up at night with respect to the near future
  • Why the next short while could be a key inflection point for humans & tech like AI


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