Designing Deeper than a Pretty Page

with Tracy Lay Episode 17

Tracy Lay is a design expert. She digs deep into the design process to help authors & entrepreneurs design books that connect with readers before they’ve even cracked the cover. Tracy talks about starting Digivisual Design, a cross-pollinating creative business that involves art, books, design, branding and language that draws on her unique combination of skills and talents.

More from Tracy in this episode:

  • What “thinky brain” is & why it’s important to suspend critical thinking and move into a creative zone from time to time
  • How she uses design to solve a problem for entrepreneur authors
  • What design helps tell readers about an author, a book and its contents
  • How self-publishing books allows author/entrepreneurs to get their message out
  • How she came to start her own cross-pollinating business and why she did it
  • How self-publishing has changed the game for authors & entrepreneurs
  • How Tracy’s design business encompasses websites, books, branding & more

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